Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue Inc

Rescue Information

It is important at the outset to state that no wildlife, sick, injured, abandoned or simply entering into your care can be held by you for more than 72 hours.  Only licensed carers are able to do so.

As a member of the public, you are required to notify carers at Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue Inc (“BWR”) of any wildlife that you find or have in your possession without delay.  That carer is:

Tel: 0427 078 047  or  08-9774 0442

If you encounter an animal in need of attention, your first contact point should be BWR. Alternatively, contact your nearest veterinary practice, wildlife officer or the wildcare wildlife hotline on 08-9474 9055.

Every situation regarding an injured or sick animal will be different but as a basic, simple strategy you should:

  1. Keep the animal contained;
  2. Keep the animal warm but not hot as this can burn or kill;
  3. Keep the animal in a quiet and darkened space;
  4. Have a small bowl of water with the animal.

Here follows a number of important articles and videos which you may find useful when handling injured or orphaned animals.  Please click on the heading to see the contents:

Kangaroo Rescue Video

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